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History and useful information

Amalfi is a pretty little seaside resort on the Amalfi Coast road. It was the first maritime republic in Italy, and enjoyed its greatest prosperity in the 11th century. Dating from that period are the cathedral, dedicated to Saint Andrew, and the Paradise Cloisters and Arsenals, where long galleys and boats were built. Amalfi can be combined with Positano, Ravello, Paestum, Salerno or Vietri.

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The "Amalfi Drive" is said to be one of the most spectacular roads in Europe and from Sorrento there are breathtaking views from every bend.  Amalfi, now a thriving holiday resort, was once a powerful and prosperous marine republic, and homeland of Flavio Gioia, who perfected the compass. The beautiful cathedral, with its ornate façade, situated at the top of steps leading up from the main square,  houses the remains of the patron saint of Amalfi, Saint Andrew.  There is free time for lunch. You can also visit the shipyards where the long galleys were built, and the Emerald Grotto which can be reached from Amalfi port. From Amalfi we visit the hilltop village of Ravello, which nestles eleven hundred feet above the sea. We visit the Cathedral and Villa Rufolo, which gave the musician Richard Wagner the inspiration to compose one of his most famous operas, Parsifal. There are concerts in the garden every year.

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